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Taos Municipal Charter School is a free, public, charter school located in Taos, New Mexico.  Chartered with Taos Municipal Schools, TCS serves a total of 213 students in grades K-8.  Our campus is located at 1303 Paseo del Canon in Taos, on the by-pass road near the Taos Youth and Family Center.  We currently have three buildings, including our new gymnasium.

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  1. I am looking on your website for the start and end time of school at TCS and can't find it mentioned.

    Also, do you have an "after-school program?"

    Thank you for your response,

    • Hello,

      Middle School starts at 7:50. Elementary starts at 8:15. School ends at 2:50.

      Currently we do not have an after school program.

      Thank you- Teresa Myers

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