Friends of Taos Charter School

What is the organization “Friends of Taos Charter School”?

The Friends of Taos Charter School is the non-profit, parent driven volunteer organization which started Taos Charter School.  Starting back in the mid-1990’s, the original Friends of TCS organization wrote the charter for our school, negotiated the land donation that our facility currently occupies, designed our buildings, and coordinated the construction of the campus to its current state. 

Mission Statement of the Friends of Taos Charter School

In supporting the complete education of the mind, body and spirit of our students, the mission of
the Friends of Taos Charter School is to advocate for the care and protection as well as academic
excellence of our students. To accomplish this, we:

a. Raise money to maintain and improve the facilities of Taos Charter School.
b. Assist with financially sustaining the school in the future.
c. Promote community within the parents, student and faculty.

FTCS Articles of Incorporation

FTCS Bylaws

Friends of TCS Board of Directors

Roberta Lerman, President
Kate Jensen, Vice-President
Whitney Goler, Treasurer
Betsy Kinney, Secretary
Marci Kipnis, Board Member 
Clarke Dunnam, Board Member
Veronica Savage, Board Member





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