Social Emotional

Taos Charter School believes that learning occurs at all times. In terms of behavioral and social learning, students learn from watching others and from their own mistakes.

At TCS, building behavioral success includes teaching students positive social behaviors, talking through bad decisions, accepting responsibility, the consequences for a poor decision, and how to move on. The focus is always on learning and improvement.

The Director meets with each class at the beginning of the year to review schools rules, including anti-bullying rules and the consequences for breaking the rules. A strong focus is placed on personal responsibility and telling the truth.

Every classroom has a social emotional learning curriculum to help students learn to express themselves responsibility, solve problems, work as a team, and make friends.  In grades Kindergarten – 4th grade, we use the PATHS (Promoting Alternative Thinking Strategies) curriculum.  In grades 5 -8 we use a curriculum based on Project Adventure Experiential Learning materials which we call PACA (Project Adventure Classroom Activities).

Parents are contacted when their child has a major issue such as hurting another student or chronic disruptive behavior. Students are provided with several opportunities to make a better decision before parents are involved.

In addition, we have a Family Support Program (new in 2017) that offers support to students and families in the areas of attendance, behavior, and course performance (grades).  Greta Brown, LMSW coordinates the program and offers individual and group counseling, parenting classes, and case management to promote student success.  The program is prevention as well as intervention and accepts referrals from TCS staff, families, and self-referral by students with parent permission.

Read Greta’s letter to the community to learn more about the need for this program at TCS. Also, contact Greta to learn more about her Love and Logic parenting classes.

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