Physical Education

At Taos Charter, we understand the importance of daily movement. We strongly believe that students learn better when they move their bodies, and this improves their ability to learn and focus on academic subjects. Therefore, we have daily physical education for our students. Our Coach, Brian Van Nevel, has been with the school since the beginning, and he has developed a rich curriculum that incorporates skill-based learning and games. With our beautiful gym, students have the opportunity to be indoors during inclement weather; Coach also instructs students outside during the warmer months. 

Extracurricular physical education activities include after-school basketball teams, Running Club during fall and spring, and a dance club in the winter. Students in Grades 4-8 may sign up to participate in our Ski and Snowboard Club at Taos Ski Valley during January and February. In addition, students participate in swimming and ice skating at the Taos Youth & Family Center as part of our PE program. Students also discover the many beautiful hiking trails in our mountains during field trips. Every Wednesday, all students participate in a walk in the area around our school as part of their PE class. 

We are currently fundraising to keep our daily physical education program in place and to build a soccer field across the arroyo. Please consider donating to support this worthy cause. 




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