Taos Charter School is characterized by academic achievement based on high expectations. We strive to ensure that each child who attends TCS can achieve their highest potential in all academic areas while fostering and developing the basis for a lifelong love of learning.   To this end, teachers focus on building a safe, predictable, interactive learning environment all year. They are interested in knowing each child individually to better meet their learning needs. Teacher and parents work together through regular classroom communication, built-in conferencing days, and individual communication (email, phone). Students take short-cycle assessments three times a year, and all scores as well as classroom achievement data is shared with parents at conferences.

New Mexico has adopted the Common Core State Standards, and as a public school Taos Charter School teaches these standards through a variety of curricula:

PALS (Peer Assisted Learning)is a research-based program used in grades K-2. It focuses on letter-naming, letter-sound correspondence, phonemic awareness, letter sounds and vocabulary development.  PALS is very effective in improving reading fluency.

Art. Each class has art once a week. The art curriculum frequently enhances the classroom curriculum. Based on the hallway displays, our kids have amazing talent.

Physical Education. Believing that exercise is critical for focused learning, we offer PE class for all of our students  every day.

Spanish. Grades 1 – 8 receive 45 minutes of instruction in Spanish every day.  

My Math and Connected Math 6-8.  

Lucy Calkins’ Writing Workshop. This research-based approach to the writing process enables students and teachers to share a common vocabulary and common rubrics to increase student skills in writing. 

Lexia. This is a research-based, web-based program that remediates student skills in phonics and reading fluency.

Project Read.  This research-based, systematic approach to teaching letters and sounds in English is used in grades K-3.

Sounds in Syllables. This is a research-based, multi-sensory, structured language therapy program used with students who have specific learning disabilities in grades kindergarten – fifth.

Health Class. A nine week course offered to 8th grade students by the Taos Community Wellness Center.


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