Taos Charter School has included arts education since it opened its doors. We believe that arts instruction is an extremely important component of a well-rounded education.

Art is a doorway to intelligence and it helps us relate to others. Our program mixes art into as many areas as possible, connects to the curriculum, and complements and expands what the teachers are doing.  Student work is displayed throughout the school, and our new, beautiful mosaic in the foyer of the Cafeteria demonstrates the creativity and effort of our students in collaboration with visiting artists. In addition to weekly art classes in our sunny art room, TCS students take many great field trips throughout the year that show how art and culture connect, both locally and statewide. We are actively involved with Invent Event, Paseo, and learning from visiting artists in the community. 

We are fortunate to have a music teacher at TCS. Students learn original songs as well as multicultural works, and they perform annually at our TCS Song Share. Older students perform at the Taos Living Center for residents. In addition to singing, students experiment with percussion instruments in the younger grades, and keyboards, guitars, ukeleles, and drums in the older grades.

Opportunities include after-school theater groups, performance art, dance club, recording and writing for radio, working with writing mentors through SOMOS, and student exhibitions in the school buildings.