Student Nutrition

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Monthly lunch ordering…. A way to help the Taos Charter School


As you know, funding for education in New Mexico has been decreasing steadily over the last several years mostly due to drops in energy prices.  As a result, we sometimes struggle to maintain even our most basic services.  For example, this year if was necessary to reduce bus service.  The good news is that we are able to maintain full budgetary support for classroom instruction and supports.

 We need your help…. Starting at the end of October, your child will bring home monthly lunch ordering forms.  Please review the attached monthly menu and use the form to order lunch for your child for the month.  We need to reduce over-ordering and wasting of uneaten food.  Without these changes, our ability to provide a school-nutrition program is at risk.

 Finally, if your child brings their own lunch from home, please consider having them eat school lunch instead… it will save you time and help our school save this program as well.  School lunch is very affordable at $3.25 for elementary students and $3.75 for middle school students.

Jeremy Jones-

Iris Quintana-


Taos Charter School offers breakfast and lunch each day in our cafeteria. Our Nutrition Director, Iris Quintana, directs the program. You may email Iris with questions regarding the program.

There is an application for free/reduced lunch in the TCS registration packet. You may also complete the form online, then print, sign, and return to school with your child. All students are required to return a completed application regardless of need. Please include the student’s name at the top of the application form, including parent signature, even if you choose not to complete income information to apply for this program.

For families with more than one student at TCS, you may complete just one form. If a student has siblings at other local schools, parents must still submit a form to TCS for our records. Students will need money for lunch for the first week of school.


Breakfast: $1.50 (Reduced price $.30)

Lunch: $3.25 for K-5 students (Reduced price $.40)

$3.75 for 6-8th grade students (Reduced price $.40)

Students may pay daily or create a credit balance on their account by bringing cash or a check to be applied to their account. We will keep a running balance and notify parents when it is approaching zero. Please note that students may not charge their meals and pay later.

Eligibility for Free and Reduced Meals:

Applications and guidelines are available starting July 1st each year. Income criteria used to determine qualification for the National School Lunch Program is available on their website. Please keep in mind that New Mexico does not use Medicaid eligibility to determine eligibility for free or reduced meals at school.


Frequently Asked Questions Regarding National School Lunch Program

Snack and Lunch:

Students are encouraged to bring a snack to school because we do not provide snacks in the classroom. Kindergarten and First Grade teachers will communicate with parents regarding the class snack, but other grades do not have a communal snack. Please keep in mind that TCS is a sugar-free school; students should not bring soda, sugary drinks, or desserts in their lunch or for snack. For classroom celebrations, please follow the School Handbook which states the following:

“Treats may be brought in for student birthdays after the date and time are cleared with the classroom teacher. The Taos Charter School is a soda-free and gum-free zone.”

For ideas on how to pack a healthy school lunch, please see this helpful brochure written by parent Maggie Minter.