Student Health


According to state law, we are required to keep immunization information on file for each students. To learn more about required immunization please see the New Mexico Department of Health site. Students who are not immunized must provide a notarized Exemption Form each year before they can attend class. Forms are also available in the office.

Medications at School:

Students may not bring ANY medicine of ANY kind to school without the knowledge of the teacher and the school nurse. Prescription medication must be in the original container, and we must also have a physician’s statement giving permission and dosage information. Doctors have these forms or you can print this form to take to your doctor.
If you want your child to take over-the-counter (OTC) medications at school, they must also be labeled in a fashion similar to a prescription (date, child’s name, medication name, dose, time to be taken, number in package/bottle, expiration date, etc.).
Parents can give permission for their child to be given certain OTC medications that we keep on hand by completing a permission form.

Medication Consent Form

O-T-C Consent Form

When to Keep a Sick Child Home:

It can be difficult to know when to keep a child home if they are sick. This blog post offers information that can help you make that decision.