As a free, public charter school, Taos Charter School admits students through a lottery process.

Lottery Applications for the 2018-2019 school year will be released, February 13th, 2018.  The Application Deadline will be April, 10, 2018. The lottery will be held April 17th, 2018.  We will notify parents regarding admission or waiting list status as soon as possible via email and phone. *** It is your responsibility to verify receipt of the application.****

Please email office@taoscharterschool.org with questions

Please see below for information regarding class size and policies regarding the lottery process.

Class size:

Kindergarten – 15 students
1st Grade – 20 students
2nd and 3rd Grades – 24 students per class
4th through 8th Grades – 26 students per class

Application Deadline:

The application deadline for the lottery will be set and approved by the Governing Council as well as the date of the lottery.  Any applications received after this deadline will be added to the waiting list in the order in which they are received after sibling, retained students and lottery applicants.

Lottery Procedures:

A number will be assigned to each application starting with the last 2 digits of the year of application, a hyphen, a zero and the grade digit (Kindergarten would be “0”), a hyphen and a number ranging from 001-999 based on the number of applications received.  (For example, a student applying for Kindergarten for the 2002 school year may be assigned the number 02-00-001.  A student applying for 7th grade starting in 2002 may be assigned a number the reads 02-07-012.)

These numbers will be placed in a “hat” and randomly drawn, one at a time, on the approved lottery date.  The numbers will then be tied in to the applicants and a waiting list will be generated based on the order in which they were drawn.

Siblings receive priority and will be placed in their own lottery.  Their number will start with an “S”.  (For example, suppose the Kindergartner previously mentioned is a sibling.  His/her number may read S02-00-001.)  Retained students will also be placed in their own lottery and their numbers will start with an “R”.

Waiting List:

  • Waiting lists do not transfer from year to year. On the last school day of the school year, the waiting lists for that school year will be voided. The waiting list for the upcoming school year will replace all waiting lists for the school year just completed.
  • Students must reapply every year.
  • Students who are not initially selected for enrollment in the lottery will be placed on the TCS waiting list according to grade and in the order drawn from the lottery.
  • Applicants will be notified via email in regards to their number on the waiting list.
  • If an applicant from the waiting list is offered a position mid-year, a meeting with the director is recommended.
  • Enrollment closes after the 120th day of school of the current school year.
  • If an applicant from the waiting list is offered a position and does not accept the position offered, they will then be placed at the bottom of the waiting list, or if requested, dropped from the waiting list.
  • Separate waiting lists will be maintained for each grade.

Enrollment applications received after the lottery will be stamped and signed by the enrollment coordinator as verification of when he/she received the application.  If applications are received on the same date, the enrollment coordinator will assign a number (01, 02, 03. . .) after the date to indicate the order in which they were received on that day.

The lottery process is absolutely random.  No preference will be given based on religion, sex, race, etc.  The only enrollment preference allowed is for returning students, siblings of returning students and retained students.

Notification of Lottery Results:

Lottery applicants will be notified via email regarding their placement as a result of the lottery process.

Disqualification of Applicants:

A student may only apply for grade.  Students who apply for more than one grade will be removed from the lottery.  A student must apply using his/her legal name.  Using an alias could result in disqualification from the lottery or disenrollment.

Sibling Lottery:

Siblings of currently enrolled students are given sibling priority and are placed in their own lottery during the TCS spring lottery process.   Having an enrolled sibling does not automatically guarantee enrollment into the school for the following year.  If there are several siblings applying for one grade level, there will be a sibling lottery to determine who will be accepted into any available spots and their order at the top of the waiting list.

It is the parent’s responsibility to notify the school and fill out an enrollment application for siblings applying for the lottery by the deadline announced. Applications received after the deadline/lottery process will automatically be placed on the waiting list after any other siblings already on the list.

Sibling means:

  • Students living in the same residence at least fifty percent (50%) of the time in a permanent or semi-permanent situation, such as long-term foster care placements; or,
  • Students related to each other by blood, marriage or co-habitation.
  • Acceptable proof of co-habitation shall be an affidavit signed by both cohabitants that the sibling of the enrolled student is living with the cohabitant at least 50% of the time or relevant court order describing same, or marriage license.