How to Communicate with your School – How your School Communicates with You

TCS Community,

We attempt to inform you, our community, as accurately and frequently as possible. We communicate via email, the weekly TCS Chalkboard, and our website: . We also send notices and paperwork home in your students backpacks, please check them. 

If you need to get in touch with us; please use the below contacts to help guide you to the correct person in order to have any issue resolved properly.

Attendance – email or 751-7222 x 2 to leave a voicemail. Emails and phone calls explaining the absence that are received within 48 hours of the absence will ensure the absence is excused. (it is your responsibility to inform the office, do not reply on the teacher to inform the office,)

Director – Jeremy Jones –  – 751-7222 x 202 –   basic student concerns, student discipline, staff concerns, confidential issues, FIT After School program, etc.

Family Support Coordinator – Greta Brown – – 751-7222 x 213 – truancy, discipline, student counseling, etc.

Cafeteria – Iris Quintana –  – 751-7222 x 227 –  meal payments, student balances, menus, etc.

P.E. – Brian Van Nevel – – 751-7222 x 211 –   Ski Club, and P.E.

Instructor’s: homework, classroom questions, field trips, etc.

Ale Collignon – Kindergarten –

Betsy Kinney – First Grade –

Gina Cerruto – Second Grade –

Jennifer Martinez – Third Grade –

Mike Bonner – Fourth Grade –

Chrissy Streit – Fifth Grade –

Sally Greywolf – Sixth Grade –

Scott Tennant – Seventh and Eight LA & SS –

Nathaniel Evans – Seventh and Eighth Math & Science –

Rosalinda Molina – 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th Spanish –

Andrea Nicholson – 3rd & 8th Spanish –

General Inquiries – Teresa Myers – – 751-7222 x 201

Please be aware that certain requests to the office can’t be fulfilled.  It is NOT possible to have students ready in the office for out of school appointments- we don’t have the staff to support the time it takes to release your student from class. Please inform family members as well.

Phone calls received after 2:00pm may not be answered. Make sure after school plans are in place in the mornings.

Thank your for your support!