Katie Woodall

I went to college at UNCC to study art, graduating with a Bachelors in Creative Arts. I taught for 20 years at Chamisa Mesa High School in Taos, teaching art, writing, and literature. In 2011 I went to NMCC and re-certified as an art teacher.

This last four years of teaching elementary kids has been such a learning experience…to go through the typically open, exploratory willingness of early childhood with K-1-2 grade artmakers. Then the discovery years, 3rd-4th, where we break through “I can’t” and realize what a complete idea looks like, what really works, and what different materials do.  What can we do in teams?
And then the transition years, 5th and 6th, where talent and effort struggles with the need to feel free. They really surprise you! We have smaller classes in 7th and 8th, so there more opportunity for personal choice.

Email Ms. Katie or call her at 575-751-7222.