ART Benefit – We Need you!

ART BENEFIT! We need you!

Our mid-school ART program this year has been SOO much better because of the Art or Music choice available to kids- the classes are small-12 instead of 25- and the art is more authentic and lots better. Music kids have done a benefit, and visited the Bassmint, as well as using keyboards, etc.

Please help with our bake sale on Earth Day, Saturday April 22 at Cid’s. You can sign up on Sign Up Genius or call me, Katie Woodall, at 575 7410088. If you can’t deliver by 10 am at Cid’s, we can make other arrangements. Thanks so much, teaching your mid-schooler in this way really works for everyone, and your donation supports the program. The 6th grade Student Council comes to help; I really appreciate it…