The 2017 TCS Basketball Tournament was our fifth and best year yet!


The 2017 TCS Basketball Tournament was our fifth and best year yet!  Our net proceeds totaled $6600, and immediately, we are giving back to each class $200 for teachers and students to spend on field trips or any special events.  The rest of the tournament’s proceeds will help fund our literacy, math, music, art and summer school programs. 

We want to give a very special THANK YOU to all the TCS kids – you guys were awesome in helping in the concession stand, setting up, cooking hot dogs, making frito pies and nachos, collecting money, bringing the food cart into the gym.  It was fantastic to be able to count on such reliable, honest, hardworking students.  YOU ARE THE BEST!

We want to thank everyone for your donations of food, snacks, and drinks, and especially for your most valuable donations of time during the week.  People contributed time to collect money at the admissions table, and people contributed time selling food and drink at the concession stand.   And of course, the tournament could not have happened without the volunteer referees and scorekeepers present at every single game.


To Brian Van Nevel, who worked tirelessly and did it all, as he does every year. To Jose Espinoza, for being “Coach” for a day, and for everything you do to keep our school running smoothly.  To Sally Greywolf, whose steady presence and help guiding students were key to our success.  To Debbie  Martinez and Teresa Myers, for all your support and help. To Loretta Anaya and her crew for keeping our school clean and for extra help and support during the BB tournament. To Iris and Michelle, for graciously entrusting us with their kitchen.

To the awesome TCS students who helped everywhere:  Chris Trujillo, Gabe Dunleavy, Oscar Munoz, Yeri Barriento, Aubrey McCann, Lara Cox, Talia Tank, Teresa Parraz, Mariana Medina, Jose Espinoza, Chantelle Deitrich, Ben Currey, Jazmyn Medina, Corri Harrower, Grace Goler, Mateo Yong, Grace Yong, Alejandro Acosta,  Eliza Earl, Lilis Maeder, Mikaela Dunnam, Lacey Brown, Lucy and Annaleigh Schreiber, Ciara Salazar, Camilla King, Max Meadowcraft, Marielle Gomez, Hayden Greywolf.

To our Refs: 

To our Scoreboard operators and score keepers:

To our Admissions crew:  Amanda Tafoya,  Maria Meadowcraft, Natalie Evans, Delilah Martinez, Happy Carmona & Tze Yong, Frances Rodarte, Krystal Barela-Gutierrez, Alejandro Parraz (many times!), Ross Burns, Sally Greywolf, YoRi Schreiber, Carmela Armijo, Avery Blair, Lindsey Schreiber, Michelle Barsano, Rosalinda Molina.

To our Concession and clean-up crew:  Tina Earl, Ruthie Martinez, Greta Brown, Whitney Goler, Manuela Maeder, Sally Greywolf, Natalie Mondragon, Noah Jeantete, Jessie Hay, Kathie Tafoya, Francis Rodarte, Anne Marie Emanuelli, Kellie Goudreau, Betsy Kinney, Amanda Tafoya, Cristie Young, Kate Jensen, Evan Trujillo, Juniper Manley, Michael Bonner, Antonio and Sarah Casias, Sonya Struck, Shonda Lowe-Kirshbaum, Veronica Savage, Lori Martin, Erick and Christina Struck, Rosalinda Molina and Happy Carmona & Tze Yong.

To those who donated food and drinks: Big thanks to Nikki Maes, for getting donations from Albertson’s, Super Save, Smith’s and Wal Mart. And to Brett House Catering, Steven and Sofia Vigil, Matthew  Mondragon, Rosalinda Molina, Avery Blair, Phyllis Garcia, Lindsey Schreiber, Erick Struck, Christina Duran, Gina Varos, Jessie Hay, Hitana Espinoza, Krystal Barela-Gutierrez, Daniella Romero, Lori Trujillo, Nikki Maes, Natalie Mondragon, Teresa Myers, Andrea Chavez, Anne-Marie Emanuelli, Thomas Duran, Alexandra Collignon, Kellie Goudreau, Ken Jensen, Lisa Cox, Teresa Parraz, LeeAndrea Trujillo, Ross Burns, Chrissy Streit, Carmona-Yong family, Shonda Lowe-Kirshbaum, Malinda Williams, Maria Vigil, Whitney Goler, Khristine De Guzman, Lori Martin, Antonio and Sarah Cassias, Isiah Jeantete, Alexandria Valdez, Greta Brown, Meisha Cantu, Iris Quintana, Erin Pirozak. 

And to all those who contributed but whose names were inadvertently left out:  THANK YOU!  You all play a huge part in the success of our basketball tournament and Taos Charter School.