2017 TCS Science Fair

Future scientists from Taos Charter School and Anansi Charter School showcased their scientific learning at the local Science Fair hosted by Taos Charter School on Friday, January 27th. Over 130 students from the 2 schools exhibited their project boards and talked with the judges. Over 70 volunteers from the community showed up to judge the array of science projects and join in the celebration of student research. The top scoring students will have the chance to present their work at the Regional Science Fair in Las Vegas, NM on March 11th. Great job Science Fair Participants! A Special thank you goes out to Burch Driver for 3-D printing support and to Twirl for lending their 3-D printer, we could not have done it without them.

TCS-8 Tennant Olivia The Road to Developing an Artificial Pancreas ENG
AN-8 Owen  Donovan Which filter design obtains the highest purity of water? ENV
TCS-7 Hay Louis Earth Batteries ENV
TCS-6 Parraz Teresa Perpetual Motion with Magnetism PHY
AN-7 Selina  Bayles How does sight affect taste? BIO
AN-7 Peter  Woll How does blue light affect eye sight? BIO
TCS-7 Stoessel Marlen Get That Oil Out of the Soik ENV
TCS-8 Katz Ella Fueling Good CHEM
TCS-7 Olsen Cameron Worm Power ENV
AN-8 Liam  Lambie What drink type has the largest concentration of electrolytes? PHY
TCS-8 Collignon Milo Lost With No Eyes ENG
TCS-8 Hastings Samuel This Will Blow You Away ENG
TCS-6 Martinez Alejandro Guess What Soil BIO
TCS-7 Mondragon Matthew penny power CHEM
AN-7 Isabella  O’Donnell How does age affect night vision? BIO
AN-6 Dylan  Abrums Which solutions create more hydrogen during electrolysis? CHEM
AN-6 Cyrus  Cameron How do different sources of CO2 affect the rate of photosynthesizes? CHEM
TCS-6 Carmona-Yong Grace Bacteria Cafeteria BIO
TCS-6 Trujillo Marcus Fruit and Veggie Power ENV
TCS-7 Katz Silas Run With the Sun ENG
AN-8 Aidan  Heflin How do the addition of salts affect color of metal? CHEM
AN-7 Sasha  Kushner How does water type affect plant growth? BIO
AN-8 Samahni  Bouchey Is auditory or visual memory stronger? BIO
AN-8 Kian  Morgan How does distance travelled affect vitamin C concentration in oranges? CHEM
TCS-6 Gomez Marielle River Water Impact on Radish Seed Root Growth ENV
TCS-7 Danemann Seth Death to the Sunflower BIO
AN-6 Aidan  Besser How does duckweed mitigate water pollution? ENV
TCS-7 Martinez Alyson Clean Drinking BIO
TCS-8 Collignon Julian Poop in Your Water BIO
TCS-7 Greywolf Keenan Look Out Mini Tsunami ENV
AN-6 Nevaeh  Galaviz Does eye color affect recognition of optical illusions? BIO