Taos Feeds Taos TCS Donation results

Wednesday, December 14th,  Taos Charter School donated almost 3000 pounds of food to Taos Feeds Taos (2970 pounds to be exact). For the last several weeks, the TCS Student Council has led a competition between all the grades to collect food – the class that collected the most food would win an ice cream party. First grade won the competition when first grader Kaylyn Staley’s parents Craig Staley and Veronica Savage donated 2000 pounds of holiday meal fixings to the food drive!

Thank you everybody who contributed to this year’s Taos Feeds Taos competition! Every donation helped a family in need.  

First Place winner goes to 1st grade who donated 2,070.5 pounds of food!

Second Place goes to 3rd grade with 247.5 pounds!  

Kindergarten donated 33 pounds 

1st grade donated 2,070.5 pounds

2nd grade donated 83 pounds

3rd grade donated 247.5 pounds

4th grade donated 60 pounds

5th grade donated 66 pounds

6th grade donated 127 pounds

7th grade donated 95 pounds

8th grade donated 188 pounds

Grand total: 2,970 pounds

 This donation was amazing. Every class’s donations were greatly appreciated!