Governing Council Elections

Governing Council Elections

The election of Governing Council members begins this week. The Governing Council is comprised of nine members: six parents, two staff members (who may be parents), one non-parent community member, and one additional non-voting local school board member may participate. Members provide advisory oversight and accountability for the educational director, finances, and a variety of policies that direct the school.

·         Five hours of mandatory training are provided each year.

·         The Governing Council meets every month at 3:00PM for a few hours and smaller committees meet throughout the month to conduct research and provide advisory input on a variety of matters relating to school business.

·         Elected candidates will serve the Taos Charter School community with their time and talents for a term lasting two years.

The following are the letters of interest for our Governing Council Elections:

Andrea Chavez

Andrew Gonzales

Brandon Swim  Brandon Swim Bio

Necia Ethridge

Scott Tennant