Student Pick up

Taos Charter School maintains a “closed campus”.  Children are not allowed to leave the campus at any time during school hours unless a parent/guardian signs their child out through the office.  If a parent/guardian picks up a child during the day, they must sign them out at the office where they will be given a release slip.  Teachers will not dismiss a student without a release slip. Parents are asked to refrain from picking up children in the last hour of the day unless absolutely necessary.  Students who have legal documentation for restraining orders or custody must supply the school with copies.

Parents must notify the office in writing if someone not on the Emergency contact list is going to pick up a student, this includes older siblings who have legal driver’s licenses, who are picking up younger siblings.

It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to update emergency contact information.  Students may only be released to individuals listed as an emergency contact if a parent or legal guardian is unreachable or unavailable to pick up his/her child in the event of emergency, illness, disciplinary action or any other reason a child may need to leave school premises.  In the event a parent, legal guardian, or an emergency contact cannot be reached, the police or Emergency Medical Services will be contacted depending on the circumstances.