Extended Learning Environment Absence form

Extended Learning Experience Form

Extended Absence Policy

The Extended Absence Policy allows students and their parents/guardians to travel for educational purposes for extended periods. The Taos Charter School has set standards that teachers, parents/guardians, and students must agree to prior to travel. Parents/guardians are required to request extended travel in writing from teachers at least two (2) weeks in advance. Parents/guardians must fill out a Student’s Extended Learning Environment Form (SELE), turn it in to the teachers’ involved for signature, then the Secretary must verify total days the student will be absent then the Director must Approve or Disapprove. The information request will be for all educational objectives that will be given during the extended absence. The student will be required to keep a daily travel journal and work on curriculum objectives.  Students will be tested on objectives, or will turn in work that demonstrates mastery.  One week prior to the extended absence; parents/guardian will meet with teachers to obtain all educational objectives. The extended travel will then be considered a school-approved trip, and the student will not be considered absent. Upon one week of return, parents must meet with teachers to ascertain if the student has completed the scheduled educational objectives and has not fallen behind in any work. Students will receive zeros for incomplete work. Parents are considered responsible for meeting the school’s educational objectives.


Requests for extended absences may be denied for the following reasons:

  • An average below “C”
  • Frequent previous absences, totaling 10 or more, including a tally of tardies. (3 tardies equal 1 un-excused absence)
  • Lack of Teacher recommendation


The homework should be picked up one (1) week prior to the vacation or planned absence.  Education objectives and/or homework assignments requested in advance must be completed and returned to the teachers on the day of return to school unless there are extenuating emergency circumstances.  Teachers may not be able to provide all of the assignments in advance.  Therefore, the student will need to get all other missed work immediately upon return.  Due date for this work will be determined by the teacher.  The student should present a signed request form to the Director.  Absences are often detrimental to student achievement, even when make-up privileges are allowed.  Therefore, parents and guardians need to be aware of potential negative effects these absences may have, particularly in classes where the student’s current status is marginal.  The student is responsible for requesting make-up work from his or her teachers.  Only one extended absence may be requested per year for no more than a fifteen day maximum.


Please do not plan any vacations or absences during the last week of March and the first 3-weeks of April due to mandatory NMSBA standardized testing.


Student’s Extended Learning Environment (SELE) forms are available to students in good standing to excuse absences where parents provide educational experiences.  These may be picked up at the school office and filled out two weeks prior to the absence.