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PARCC Testing 2016

Dear Parent / Guardian,

From April 26-May 9, your child will be participating in the PARCC test during school. For the second year in New Mexico, PARCC is the statewide math and English language arts (ELA) assessment for all students statewide in Grades 3 – 11.

As we approach the end of the school year, PARCC is designed to measure how well your child has learned the content and skills for their grade level in math and English language arts. PARCC is in line with the standards used in the classroom every day and was developed to be consistent with the learning goals for each grade level.

The PARCC test focuses on real world skills, including critical thinking, writing, and problem solving. The test also includes a variety of questions ranging from traditional multiple-choice to questions that require students to explain their answers, show their work, and compose well-organized written responses.

Teachers can use results from the test to provide more support depending on your child’s needs. As a parent/guardian you can use the results from the test to help your child at home or collaborate with your teacher to help your child in the classroom. As you may remember from last year’s student score report, each subject will be broken down into categories of skills to show where your child is doing well or needs some extra help.

The results from this test are meant to be one of several measures that show how your child is progressing in school. Test scores may be used along with in-class performance, report card grades, and teacher reports to form a complete picture of your child’s achievement and progress in the classroom.

As your child approaches the testing date, you can take a look at a practice test at For more details about the PARCC test and additional information regarding how you can help your child meet their learning goals, you can visit or

Our goal for every student is to help them achieve their full potential. The PARCC test is just one way to better understand if your child is on track to meet that goal and is ready for success. We look forward to continuing to work together toward the best education for your child.

Thank you.

Director Douglas Moser

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