Basketball Tournament THANK YOU’S!


The 2016 TCS Basketball Tournament was our fourth and best year yet!  Thanks to the smooth collaboration between our very newly established PTO and the Friends of TCS, we raised a net total of $6800, to benefit the math, literacy, and summer school programs at TCS.  The PTO also designated $200 to each class who participated by donating time and concession items during the week.  Kids in grades 3 through 5 had a great tournament, and (mostly) well-behaved parents enjoyed watching the games.  A fun time was had by all!

We want to thank you for your donations of food, snacks, and drinks, and especially for your most valuable donations of time during the week.  People contributed time to collect money at the admissions table, and people contributed time selling food and drink at the concession stand.   And of course, the tournament could not have happened without the volunteer referees and scorekeepers present at every single game.


To Brian Van Nevel, who worked tirelessly and did it all, as he does every year. To Teresa Myers and Debbie Martinez, for all the big and little things you do.  To Jose Espinoza, for being “Coach” for a day, and for everything you do to keep our school running smoothly.  To Sally Greywolf and the Student Council, for all that you do.  To Iris Quintana, for graciously entrusting us with her kitchen.

To the awesome TCS students who helped everywhere:  Mateo Yong, Grace Yong, Alejandro Acosta, Makayla Vigil, Oscar Munoz, Lexi Gordon, Marissa Alvarez, Chantelle Dietrich, Emree Valencia, Cody Donelson, Lexi Gordon, Eliza Earl, Rafa Moore, Lilis Maeder, Mikaela Dunnam, Mateo Martinez, Jasmine Medina, Mateo Salazar, Ryan Kipnis, Lacey Brown, Dillon Brown.

To our Refs:  Teddy Lucero, Mark Flores, Jose Espinoza, Quinn Moon, Caitlyn Tafoya, Mike Martinez, Andrew Medina, Mani Meadowcroft, Tom Dorris, Pancho Chacon, Ronnie, Cele, Khristine deGuzman, Scott Q, Travis Ely, Lorenzo Cordova, David Garver, Mark Flores, Antonio, Rob Berkman.

To our Scoreboard operators and score keepers: Gina Cerruto, Doug Moser, Shonda Lowe-Kirshbaum, Scott Moore, Tze Yong, Rosalinda Molina-King, Ivan, Sofia Vigil, Thomas Duran, Marcos Medina, Michael Bonner, Maria Jeantete, Louis Hay, Ken Jensen, Krystal Barela-Gutierrez, Jennie Pinkerton, Aura Garver, Marlen Stoessel, Rocio Perez-Medina, Brian Medina, Jazmyn Medina, Seth Danemann, Bintoro Maeder, Matthew, Hunter, Elizabeth LeBlanc, Joe LeBlanc, Luanne Elliott, Josh and Gilbert Cosados, Joanne Myrup, John Wilson, Maryagnes Valencia, Kathie Tafoya, Jesus Tafoya, Rico Salazar.

To our Admissions crew:  Alexandra Collignon, Dov Amdur, Andrea Nicholson, Happy Carmona, Tze Yong, Sue Vigil, Luanne Elliott, Leslie Baker, Amber McCabe, Teresa Myers, Kathie Tafoya, Valerie Valdez, Malinda Williams, Natalie Evans, Tanya Gonzales and Alyson, Sonya Struck, Cristie Young, Jessie Hay, Jessica Harrower, Natalie Mondragon.

To our Concession and clean-up crew:  Sue Vigil, Luanne Elliott, Marcy Andrew, Paul Mondragon, Malinda Aragon, Keith King, Christina Duran, Carmela Armijo, Lori and Jonathan Martin, Hitana Espinoza, Jessie Hay, Tina Earl, Happy Carmona, Tze Yong, Ben Donelson, Valerie Valdez, Shonda Lowe-Kirshbaum, Amber McCabe, Melinda Garcia, Willie Garcia, Greta Brown, Jasmin Hastings, Clorinda Romero, Alejandro Parraz, Kate Jensen, Manuela Maeder, Cristie Young, Roberta Lerman, Whitney Goler, Betsy Kinney, Marci Kipnis, Sally Greywolf, Bill Kipnis,  Ben Donelson, Cody Donelson, Lacey Brown, Dillon Brown, Debbie Martinez, Marissa Alvarez, Matthew Mondragon, Maria Jeaentete, Ruthie Martinez, Ken Jensen, Leeandra Tafoya.

To those who donated food and drinks:  Albertson’s, Super Save, Smith’s, Wal Mart, Brett House Catering, Kathie and Bernie Tafoya, Nikki Maes, Marie Sanchez, Steven and Sofia Vigil, Matthew Mondragon, Maria Vigil, Angelina Lavadie, Bill Kipnis, Lesley Cox, Luanne Elliott, Christina Duran, Maria Vigil, Jasmin Hastings, Andrea Chavez, Whitney Goler, Natalie Mondragon, Jessie Hay, Janice Martinez, Delilah Martinez, Tina Earl, Meisha Cantu, Jenee Trujillo, Gina Varos, Miquela Mangum, Alexandria Valdez, Daniella Romero, Tanya Gonzales, Iris Quintana, Malinda Williams, Alexandra Collignon, Jennifer Ortiz, Shonda Lowe-Kirshbaum, Natividad Burns, Teresa Myers, Krystal Barela-Gutierrez, Marcy Andrew, Angie Henderson, Debbie Martinez, Thomas Duran, Valerie Valdez, Happy Carmona and Tze Yong, Khristine DeGuzman, Lori Martin, Sue Vigil, Kristen Katz, Manuela Maeder, Heru Hardijanto, Greta Brown, Necia Ethridge, Sonya Struck, Melinda Aragon, Krystal Barela-Gutierrez, Ann Wooldridge, Lucy and Annaleigh Schreiber, Jazmyn Medina, Gina Azzari, Leslie Baker, Andrea Chavez, Malinda Williams, Erin Pirozak.

And to all those who contributed but whose names were inadvertently left out:  THANK YOU!  WE ARE ALL SO AWESOME!