After School Pick-up

School releases at 2:50 and there isn’t anyone on duty after 3:10 so please pick your students up promptly. Early dismissal days, please pick your students up at 1:00pm.

Parents are forgetting when Early Dismissal days occur. Please see the attached 2015-16 TCS Final calendar to review. The next early dismissal day is March 4th, 2016.

Afternoon pick-up can be hectic in our parking lot.  Please have patience with each other, please make sure that you are driving with caution and keeping an eye out for families who park and walk through our parking lot. Some middle school parents wish to bypass the pick-up lane as it can start slow, but this is creating a dangerous situation for the students who go to those cars. The pick up lane moves quicker as students are dismissed and the last thing anyone wants to see is a student get hit by a car because someone is in a hurry. Let’s all show respect for each other by being kind and driving carefully.