Taos Charter School Basketball Tournament

Dear Parents and Friends of TCS:

Finally, our biggest community event and fundraiser of the year: the TCS annual Basketball Tournament! This year’s tournament will be held from Monday, February 22nd to Sunday, February 28th. The weekday games will run from 4:00 pm  till 8:30 pm, and the weekend games begin at 9:00 am, running till 3:00 pm on Saturday and noon on Sunday. Our newly formed PTO met with the Friends of TCS earlier this month to talk about how we can work together and encourage class parents to become involved. We decided that each night of the tournament will be “dedicated” to a grade at Taos Charter School. Parents from that grade will be encouraged to donate volunteer time at the concession stands, the admission desk, or inside the gym helping with scoring or  refereeing. At the end of the tournament, each class will receive $200 to spend on field trips or play equipment.

Mon., Feb. 22: Grades K and 1

Tues., Feb. 23: Grades 2 and 3

Wed., Feb. 24: Grade 4

Thurs., Feb. 25: Grade 5

Friday, Feb. 26: Grade 6

Saturday, Feb. 27: Grades 7 and 8

Sunday, Feb. 28: Grades 7 and 8

You have received an e-mail from TCS office with a link to the “Sign-up Genius”, where you can sign up for volunteer time and for donation of food items. You may also sign up here for volunteering in the cafeteria or sign up here to send in concessions in advance.

People who want to work inside the gym with Coach Brian should contact him directly at bvannevel@taoscharterschool.org, or 751-7222 ext. 211.

The main proceeds of our Basketball tournament will go towards literacy, math, and summer school programs at Taos Charter School.

Please join us for a fun and rewarding week!