Letter from Coach / Basketball tournament

Hello parents,

Starting February 22nd TCS will be hosting a week long basketball tournament for 3rd – 5th grades for all Taos County Schools. Over the course of the week there will be 45 games played, so many volunteers are needed for various positions including: score board operator, score keeping on paper and referees for games. This is a great way to get your volunteer hours in. Score board operator and score keeper are easy to do and I can train you in 10 minutes or less, so don’t be afraid to sign up for these positions. This is the biggest fund raiser of the year for our school so please come and volunteer your time to help support the school and the community basketball teams; we want to make this the best tournament in town! The PTO also sent out a sign-up sheet for volunteers for donations and the concession stand.



Here is the schedule of games;


Monday – Friday                                             Saturday                                                    Sunday

4:00-4:45                                          9:00-9:45                  1:30-2:15                           9:00-9:45

4:45-5:30                                          9:45-10:30                2:15-3:00                           9:45-10:30

5:30-6:15                                         10:30-11:15              3:00-3:45                           10:30-11:15

6:15-7:00                                         11:15-12:00                                                          11:15-12:00

7:00-7:45                                         12:00-12:45                                                          12:00-12:45

7:45-8:30                                         12:45-1:30                                                            12:45-1:30


Please contact me (Brian Van Nevel, AKA Coach) to sign up for any of the jobs.

Email:  bvannevel@taoscharterschool.org

Phone: 751-7222 ext. 211