Taos Charter School teacher Nathaniel Evans was honored Friday, January 29, 2016 in a ceremony on the floor of the New Mexico State Senate. Evans, a twelve-year veteran of Taos Charter’s math and science department and a serving member of the state’s Math and Science Advisory Board, was invited to the senate floor to be recognized for attaining National Board Certification as a master teacher of mathematics at the elementary school level. The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) tests a teacher’s practical effectiveness as well as academic mastery. The rigorous, multi-year assessment culminates, for successful candidates, in the awarding of a national certificate  recognized as equivalent to an academic master’s degree. National research shows students instructed by board certified teachers do better on achievement tests. A recent study in the Los Angeles school system showed the equivalent of two month’s extra instruction for students in classrooms of board certified teachers.


Previously awarded New Mexico’s Golden Apple Award for outstanding contributions as an educator, Evans heads Taos Charter’s science department as well as the mathematics side and has earned numerous awards and acknowledgements for his work in supporting Taos students in competing at local, state and national Science Fairs. Mr. Evans, a Taos native, is currently registered as a candidate for one of  two at-large Town Council seats, seeking to be elected in the upcoming March 1 municipal election.