Kinder News #16

We ended 2015 with a great week! Friday Folders go home today; here are the things to look for: There are two math activities that can be completed over the break. This week we used a pan balance to experiment with weight. We have also been learning to count by tens. See if your child can count by tens to 100. Also, ask your child about the “Favorite Colors Graph” that he or she made. I’ve attached and sent home a January snack schedule. I’ve also attached an updated parent contact list. Thank you so much for your contributions to Taos Feeds Taos! Thank you all for allowing me to be your child’s teacher. I honestly love what I do for a living and I feel so fortunate to work at such an amazing school. We have had a fabulous first half of the year and I very much look forward to the second half. Warm wishes to all of you. ~Ms. Ale