Toy Drive

To the Taos Charter school,

As you may know, the “Festival of lights”, Hanukah, is a few weeks away. The theme of this festival is the miracle of one small jug of oil burning for 8 days. This miracle symbolizes that a little bit of light can push away a lot of darkness.

In honor of Hanukah, Chabad of Taos will once again be launching the Hanukah Toy Drive. Many of the underprivileged children of Taos County will receive a special gift in honor of Hanukah. The Toy Drive has proven to be a powerful initiative to help “spread the light” and brighten up the lives of many of the underserved children in Taos County. In the past we have raised thousands of toys, books and other gift items to these wonderful children.

We turn to the parents and children to please donate toys and books to the toy drive. The drive will take place from Tuesday December 1st till Wednesday December 9th. The Toy drive box will be stationed at the school office.

May we all experience light and joy this season!

Thanks very much

Rabbi Eli Kaminetzky