Homework Week of October 5

October 5, 2015

Welcome fall!  Although the weather continues to be beautiful, this is a reminder that we go outside for recess every day both in the morning and at lunchtime.  Students who are dropped off prior to 8:15 should bring a jacket with them as it is often chilly and a bit windy out on the playground in the early morning.


Students did a magnificent job with the Charlotte’s Web project.  They seemed to enjoy the challenge.  We will do several in-depth projects throughout the year that coincide with a book we are reading in class.  Currently we are finishing Because of Winn Dixie and there is a small assignment included in this week’s homework.

A reading log is attached and is due back on Tuesday, October 13th because of the Columbus Day Holiday.  The spelling, grammar and Winn Dixie assignment are due on Thursday, October 8th.  A spelling list of this week’s sight words is attached.  Students should complete the word search activity.  In addition, they should practice writing each spelling word five times each, and choose 5 of the spelling words and write a complete sentence for those 5 chosen words (for a total of 5 sentences).   The grammar focus this week is on capitalizing the days of the week and holidays.

Additional literacy homework for this week is a project relating to the class book we finished today, Because of Winn Dixie.  The main character, Opal, liked to make lists about people and pets.  She did this so she could get to know others better or so that others could learn about someone special to her.  Students are to choose a person or pet that is special to them and come up with a list of 10 things they know about them that helps describe their special person/pet.

I have also attached two math sheets (both are double sided).  They are due back on Tuesday, the 13th due to the holiday. We are beginning to study multiplication in class and there is a practice sheet plus addition review.

If you have not already signed up for a conference for the week of October 26th, please contact me to do so.  TCS fall break is scheduled for October 19-23.

Ms. Gina