Governing Council Elections


Ballots are available for printing here:  Ballot

Ballots will be due on October 1st by 3:00PM.

Ballots will be counted on or by October 2nd 3:00PM.

Election Rules

  • One vote per child in school
  • Return ballots to office or teacher in a sealed envelope with your child’s name and your signature across the closing flap.
  • 7 candidates are running for 7 vacancies, please make 7 votes.

Rich Nichols – You probably don’t recognize the name but I’m sure you would recognize ,,oh..I don’t know..hey that’s…Ricky’s Dad in 7th grade or before my daughter graduated 3 years ago Kayla’s dad..Yep! we as parents rarely get recognized as our own individuality but by our children in your school…and maybe that’s a good thing…it isn’t about us, it’s really more about them isn’t it? I have been honored to be on the governing council for 4 years now. Have enjoyed the pluses and the minuses with life on the council and at this time hope you can consider me continuing that way. I hope to get your vote to continue. Thank you again parents for the opportunity.

Susan Vigil – I would like to submit my name for re-election as a Governing  Council Member. I have served as a  Member for the past two years. I am a parent of a TCS student and former licensed  Ed Asst in kindergarten and 1st grade at TCS.  I still volunteer where and when needed at the school.

My professional background was with the  Federal Government serving as Officer/Administrator (Director of Human Resources).  I have an extensive background in HR management, Training  and Awards, Performance Based Awards, Position Classification, How to Handle People with Tact and Skill, EEO-OUR roll and Responsibilities,  Labor Relations, Performance and Conduct, and Team  Building……..the list goes on.

I also recruited Dept of Defense teachers to work in the UK and Scotland and worked closely with Teacher Union. Hopefully  my experience, training, and dedication to TCS will result in my re-election to the Council. Thank you for your consideration, Sue Vigil

Tracy Jaramillo – I am interested in becoming a community member of the Governing Council of Taos Charter School.  I have been a resident of Taos for 42 years and working in the Early Childhood sector of our community for the last 30 years.  I am currently the Director of UNM Taos Kids’ Campus Center for Early Learning which serves as the Lab School for the Early Childhood Multicultural Education Dept. of UNM Taos.  My professional life is inclusive of; 13 years as a Preschool and Kindergarten teacher, Co-founder and Director of Anansi Day School, co-author of the original Charter application on behalf of Anansi Charter School, trainer and assessment coach for NM PreK, and founding member of the Paso a Paso Network.  Paso a Paso is a community network that merges medical providers, social service providers, early childhood educators and public service programs into a system of continuous care for families of young children prenatal through eight years old. Our network has been operating for over 10 years and now includes nearly 20 agencies serving the young children and families of the Taos community.

I believe that our schools are the foundation of a healthy community.  As such, our schools are charged with representing and responding to the needs of our community.  I am a firm believer in providing educational options to meet the needs of our diverse community.  I believe that Taos Charter School has a proven capacity to meet these needs.  My passion lies in building community collaboration and it is my hope that I will represent and bring forward the needs of our community and be a conduit for building deeper relationships within the greater Taos community in an effort to support the needs of all of our children and families.

I respectfully submit my nomination for community member of the Taos Charter School Governing Council. Sincerely, Tracy Jaramillo

Lindsey Schreiber – As a concerned and invested parent, I would like to offer my service to the TCS Governing Council.  I have two children at TCS, one in first and one in second grade.  Our family plans to be here to see both graduate from the 8th grade. We love Taos Charter School and are dedicated to seeing it thrive.  I am prepared to offer my time and my insights as a parent and to be a committed and level-headed influence.

Kristen Davenport – I am writing to express my interest in serving on the TCS Governing Council. I am the mother of two Taos Charter School students, Silas Katz (6th) and Ella Katz (7th).

Our family has been involved at Taos Charter School since before it moved to its current location. My husband, Avrum Katz, was a tutor and later a teacher with TCS from 2003-2007. My stepson Nik Katz attended middle school here seven years ago. We live in Penasco and commute to Taos to bring our kids to school here – we are so convinced this school is the best in our area that we have made a big commitment to that drive.

Right now, we are certified organic farmers growing vegetables and medicinal herbs for markets, restaurants and groceries around Northern New Mexico. I have also been a journalist in Northern New Mexico and nearby states since 1995. I was the editor in chief of the UNM Daily Lobo , managing editor of the Gallup Independent, and a reporter at the Santa Fe New Mexican from 1998-2002. In addition, I have written for the Taos News, covering the New Mexico legislature. I covered the state legislature for several newspapers from 2002 through 2008 and have sound knowledge of the workings of state government , educational funding and the capital outlay process.

At the Santa Fe New Mexican, I was given the “education beat,” which means that I was immersed in education policy on a district and state-wide level. I covered all aspects of education for the newspaper – state funding, educational policy and reform, budgets at state, district and school level, and curriculum issues. I also was one of the first reporters in the state , in 1999, to write about the new phenomenon of “charter schools” as the state government debated whether to legalize them in New Mexico.

In addition, I have done writing for local, state and national magazines on issues of agriculture, the environment, and herbal medicine.

I have served as secretary of my local acequia commission from 2010 until October 2014, and I was a board member from 2008-2013 of the Santa Fe Farmer’s Market Institute, the non-profit fundraising arm of the Santa Fe Farmer’s Market. I was involved there in numerous fundraisers and budgetary activities.

I would be honored to be selected to serve on the Governing Council of TCS and would gladly commit to serving as a parent member for the duration of my kids’ time here. I feel deeply committed to ensuring that TCS remains one of the best elementary and middle schools in the state. Thank you for your consideration. Kristen Davenport

Sonya Struck – I am writing this letter in reply to your invitation for interested candidates wanting to represent Taos Charter School as a governing council member. My family is new to the Taos Charter School family. Our daughter Amaya Struck was recently chosen through the lottery to attend first grade.

My obligation and desire as a parent is to ensure that my daughter has a successful and rewarding education experience. My intent to join the council is to both assure the foundation in which she continues her educational growth and to offer my years of experience in Finance and Operations Management to the council. I have more than 10 years’ experience in Corporate Finance and Operations Management.  A few of my strengths include:

  • Policy and Procedure creation, review, and ratification
  • Financial Analysis
  • Operations Management
  • Process Improvement
  • Efficiency review and implementation
  • Strategic Planning
  • Budgeting
  • Project Management

I have served on several boards and committees throughout my tenured career. I enjoy the ability to assist my community where I believe my strengths may benefit. I sincerely hope you consider my interest. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Thank you! Respectfully, Sonya Struck