Kinder News #4

Friday Folders go home today; here are the things to look for:

Homework- We had a very fun introduction to measuring volume with exploration activities using sand, beans, and water. I’m sending home a follow up activity that can be completed at home.

Taos Charter Runs Form- If this is something you’re interested in, please complete and return the form.

You may receive a letter from the office regarding the nutrition form application.

Completed work from the week- This week we concentrated on reviewing the letters R, S, and M. You’ll see our “rainbow rice” R’s.

Volunteers- Our kindergarten rules and routines are very established at this point. If you are interested in volunteering I encourage you to contact me. The best times are 8:45-10:00 Monday-Thursday.

Our open house will take place on Wednesday, September 16th, from 5-7. Please join us. Because I already conducted the kindergarten orientation at the start of the year, this will be an informal event. Please stop by between 5 and 7 to complete a brief scavenger hunt activity with your child. I’ll be available to answer any questions you have.

Be sure to return Friday Folders to school on Monday.

~Have a great weekend. I’m headed to the state fair in Albuquerque. ~

~Ms. Ale