Governing Council Elections

The nomination and election of Governing Council members begins this week. The Governing Council is comprised of nine members: six parents, two staff members (who may be parents) and one non-parent community member. Five hours of mandatory training are provided each year. The Governing Council meets on the second Tuesday of every month at 3:00PM for one to two hours and smaller committees meet throughout the month to conduct research and provide advisory input on a variety of matters appertaining to school business. Members provide advisory oversight and accountability for the educational director, finances, and a variety of policies that direct the school. Elected candidates will serve the Taos Charter School community with their time and talents for terms lasting two years.

Nomination of Candidates

This year we have five parent positions, one teacher position, and one community member position to elect.

All letters of interest by candidates must be submitted on or before September 23. The letters should include biographical information that describes the financial, managerial, educational, legal, parental, or other experience that qualifies a candidate for the role of Governing Council member. Please email your letter of interest to and include your contact information.


Ballots will be posted on the Chalkboard for printing on Thursday, September 24th.

Ballots will be due on October 1st by 3:00PM.

Ballots will be counted on or by October 2nd 3:00PM.

Election Rules

One parent/guardian vote per student enrolled at Taos Charter School and one vote per full time employee.

Return ballots to the office or teacher in a sealed envelope with the parent/guardian name signed across closing flap and student name.