Kinder News #3


Friday Folders go home today; here are the things to look for:

Homework- I’m not sending home a hard copy of homework this week. If you would like to create homework with your child it can cover the letters M, S, and R, and the numbers 0-9.

Completed work from the week- I introduced letters S and R in class this week. For every letter that is introduced (I do this out of order) we will make a tactile letter. You will see our “macaroni M’s” and “salt S’s”. I will send these letters home as we complete them. You may enjoy saving them and creating a book with your child.

Literacy- Our literacy centers are in full swing. What this means is that Monday-Thursday, the class is spilt into small groups during literacy. I work with five students at a time while five students work on a computer program called Lexia, and five students work on an independent activity. The students then rotate through each “center”. Ms. Baker, our literacy coach comes into the classroom to work with individual students and small groups. Fridays are reserved for “Fun Fridays”.

Website- I post this newsletter on our website. Please feel free to visit. There is great information for parents.

Lexia- If you would like to know more about the Lexia program, or have your child work on Lexia at home, please let me know.

Volunteers- Our kindergarten rules and routines are very established at this point. If you are interested in volunteering I encourage you to contact me. The best times are 8:45-10:00 Monday-Thursday.

Please make sure you complete and return the nutrition form and vision screening form if you have not already.

Our open house will take place on Wednesday, September 16th, from 5-7. Please join us.

Be sure to return Friday Folders to school on Monday.

~Enjoy a relaxing long weekend.~

~Ms. Ale