Friends of TCS, Fall 2015

The Friends of TCS had its first meeting of the 2015-16 school year on Friday, August 21.  Our officers and Board members for this school year are:


Roberta Lerman, President

Kate Jensen, Vice-President

Sharon Padilla, Treasurer

Betsy Kinney, Secretary

Whitney Goler, Board Member/Bookkeeper

Marci Kipnis, Board Member and back-up VP

Clark Dunnam, Board Member


All are welcome to attend our Board Meetings, which will be held the third Friday of every month at 3:15 in the new greenhouse conference room.


The Friends of Taos Charter School allocates money generated as follows:



A portion of the funds we receive are given right back to the school for programming needs, such as Literacy and Math tutors, the Music program, and Summer School.


  • The Friends of TCS will assist with funding the school’s technology needs this year, including the purchase of 44 Chrome Books and other hardware required to update and maintain our technology.
  • For this academic year, the Friends of TCS is paying for the bus service we receive from Taos Municipal Schools.
  • We are also looking at paving the entry driveway this year.


A portion of our funds are given as grants to teachers for special classroom needs, program enhancements, professional development, and conferences.


As the Friends of TCS owns the K-5 Building, some funds are held as a reserve in an investment account, and saved for large future capital expenses.  Last year’s expenses included the newly-installed windows, as well as the new HVAC system.  Future expenses may include replacing the roof, or replacing the flooring.


This year, a newly-formed PTO will take over the fundraising and community-building events.  Since the Friends of TCS has organized these events in past years, we will be happy to work with the PTO and assist with organizing and running these upcoming events.