Kinder New #2

We have had another great week! Unfortunately we already have a cough going around kindergarten. We had a lesson on hand washing and catching our coughs and sneezes in our elbows as opposed to with our hands.
Friday Folders go home today; here are the things to look for:
September Snack Schedule- Thank you so much for the healthy contributions. The snacks really keep the kids going throughout the day.
Math homework- Completing the math homework is not mandatory. However, we are currently working on counting and finding numbers all around us. Please reinforce these concepts with your child.
Completed work from the week- We learned the letter M this week. It’s great to have your child practice writing upper case and lower case M’s. Also practice the sound m makes and listening for words that begin or end in M.
Scholastic book orders are due 9/4 if you would like to place an order.
Please make sure that all paperwork that needs to be filled out is returned to school.
Be sure to return Friday Folders to school on Monday.
~This is my favorite time of year. I hope your family enjoys the weekends together. ~
~Ms. Ale