2nd Grade Homework – Week of August 24th

August 24, 2015


I hope everyone had a restful weekend after our very busy first week.  We had a remarkable start to the school year; I am very impressed with this group!  This week we will begin our review of sight/dolch words for spelling, learn how to use edit marks and practice forming complete sentences, as well as learn how to apply basic addition and subtraction concepts.  We will continue reading Charlotte’s Web, the first of many stories read in 2nd grade.


A master list and an explanation of why we study Sight Words or the Dolch Word List are attached.  It is helpful to keep this list handy, although I will break down the words into smaller groups of approximately 15 words each week.  There will be additional spelling lists that teach specific rules that will be addressed as well.

Homework for the week is as follows:  A reading log went home today and is due back on Monday, August 31st.  For this Thursday, there is both spelling and grammar homework due.  A spelling list of this week’s sight words is attached.  Students should write each word 3 times each.  Then they should write 3 complete sentences, using a spelling word in each sentence.   The words start off fairly simple but increase in difficulty throughout the year.  There is a grammar packet on complete sentences that should also be completed.

In addition, I have attached a math fact practice sheet.  Students do not need to start this until Thursday and it is due back on Monday, August 31st.  I usually attach the math homework along with the newsletter to save on paper but it never has to be started before Thursday of the assigned week and is never due until the following Monday.

I hope your child is adjusting to 2nd grade.  If there is anything I can do to assist in the transition, please let me know.


Ms. Gina