Beginning of Year Information

August 20, 2015

Dear 2nd Grade Families,

What a wonderful first week!  Students are doing a great job adjusting to the daily routine of 2nd grade.  I know that the transition from summertime fun to school is not always easy and we are working on gradually getting back into a schedule.


Thank you to those who sent back the Student/Parent/Teacher Administrative Compact.  In order for your student to be successful this has to be a partnership between us all.  There will be more forms going home. Attached are the lunch and bus forms along with the Lyon’s Club eye screening form.  Please fill them out and return them by Monday, August 24th.  If you have already filled out a bus or lunch form, please return the blank forms for the office to use throughout the year.


Next week the re-enrollment packets will go home to our returning families. This will include the Emergency Contact form, Health History Form, Voluntary Excursion/Field Trip and Medical Authorization form, Insurance Information form, and the Parent-Student Handbook.  These forms are extremely important and need to be returned as soon as possible.  If you change your phone number or e-mail address at any time during the school year, please make sure you inform both me and the office.  I use your phone number for emergencies and your e-mail for communication.


Taos Municipal Schools provides our school meals. This year they have requested that we order our meals one week in advance.  Please review the menu at home with your child.  I have attached a copy of next week’s menu.  You can also find it on the TCS website.  Please inform me if they will have lunch every day on a regular basis, and/or if they will be eating pizza (consistently) on Fridays.  If your child will only be eating lunch occasionally, it would be helpful if you send in a note stating which days they will be purchasing (a week in advance) or see Ms. Iris directly in the cafeteria in the morning.  I understand this process is a bit more complicated than in previous years so it will be an adjustment for us all.


As a reminder, we have two in-class snacks during the day.  We do not do a class/group snack – each student is responsible for providing his or her own.  Please send your child with healthy snacks to help them perform better in class.

Every Monday I send home a newsletter.  It will also be posted to the school website under 2nd Grade.  The letter will keep you informed of important upcoming events in the class and school as well as the homework assignment for the week.  Please look for the letter in your child’s backpack or find it on-line.

Second grade has Physical Education every day.  Please make sure your child has appropriate footwear.  Every Wednesday Coach takes the kids walking.  You should make sure to send a water bottle and hat and have applied sunscreen before school.  The students walk throughout the year, “Walking Wednesday” is a regular part of PE.  We have PE at 1:30 so it can be pretty hot at the beginning of the year.  If your child has asthma or a health plan, please make sure I have a copy of it NO LATER THAN MONDAY, AUGUST 24th.  In addition, if your child is injured and is not able to participate in PE, you must send in a note specifying the reason and the length of time the student will be out of activities.

A reading log went home on the first day of school and is due back on Monday, August 24th.  Students are expected to read a minimum of 20 minutes at least 5 times per week.  The reading log should be completed and initialed by both the student and the parent.  Students can read to their parents, parents can read to their child, or any combination of the two.  You do not need to send the reading log back to school each day – just on the day it is due.  This is the only homework for the first week.

Next week, there will be literacy homework as well as math homework.  Literacy is always assigned on Monday and due on Thursday, along with a reading log that is always due on Monday.  Math homework is assigned on Thursday and due back the following Monday.  I always stick to this homework schedule so it should never be a surprise when homework is assigned or due, and you can work at completing the assignments around your family’s schedule.

I am excited for this school year.  We are off to a great start and I anticipate a fabulous year for us all.  I am available so please do not hesitate to contact me.


Ms. Gina