Field Institute of Taos – Fall activities

We hope you all had a beautiful summer playing outside! As the school year begins, the Field Institute of Taos is happy to support you and your student’s outdoor EdVentures this Fall!
Fall is a great time to get outside and learn and play in Taos’ incredible natural landscape. We are here to help you expand your student’s learning experience with active, hands on EdVentures. FIT can provide valuable lessons on ecology, community, sustainability, teamwork, EQ and so much more!
We also provide programming, transportation, planning, super staff, standards alignment & scholarships. You provide the students! 
Please find an overview of programming possibilities and fees attached. 
Scholarships and grants are absolutely available. Please ask.
Also attached is an outreach application for those unfamiliar with FIT.  Our outreach programs are a fun opportunity to have a Field Institute of Taos educator visit your classroom gratis (free) and share a stellar learning experience on a topic of your choosing.
To make arrangements for an EdVenture or an outreach program, or to request more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.
We are looking forward to playing and learning with you this fall!

Liana Sonne
Program Director
Field Institute

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