2014 Science fair Results

This year’s Science Fair was a great success. Congratulations to all the participants in 6th , 7th and 8th Grade. They all worked very hard and it showed in their final presentations.  We are all very proud and impressed by their hard work and dedication in following through with a 4 month project.  Thank you to Sally Greywolf, Scott Tennant, Leslie Baker, Ron Olsen, Scott Thayer, Maddie Freeman, Rich Greywolf, Andrea Nicholson, and to all the volunteer judges and to the parents who helped out. This took a community to pull off and I am very grateful for all of the support, Mr. Evans.

The following students will compete at Regionals in Las Vegas New Mexico on March 8th.

1st Tyler Woolery, Rowan Kinney* Solar Power around the clock
2nd John Ryan Himes What is the Difference?
3rd Tie Nialo Kinney Wing Shape Wood Airplanes
3rd Tie Athena Dunleavy Fungi; The Next Superman
5th Veronice Quintana, Nianna Anderson* Saving the World with Microbes
6th Jens Krosby, Leif Bjorkman* Third World Water
7th HaleyTafoya, Emma Olsen* Nasty Acne
8th Mary Jensen, Madeleine Larsen* Star Light, Star Bright, Which Color Will I See Tonight?
9th Eben Bellas, Reflector, Reflector, Let Down Your Signal
10th Tie Serena Savage, Margot Goler* Have No Fear Anticoagulants Are Here
10th Tie Patrick Dunleavy Carbon Sink Using Cement and Cellulose
10th Tie Mattias Donaldson Capacitor Powered Solar Flashlight
Honorable Mention Sophia Nicholson, Carmen Resnick* Sweet, Sweeter, and Sweetest
Honorable Mention Leandro Richert, Patrick Penso* Fishing Line Strength
Honorable Mention Grayson Naylor Alka Seltzer
Honorable Mention Quinn Moon Text driving
Honorable Mention Roland Danneman Airfoill Lift
Honorable Mention Joseph Lerman More Sun More Money