Sally Greywolf

Sally Greywolf is delighted to be a part of the vibrant community of learners at Taos Charter School as the sixth grade teacher. Sally is a tenacious traveler on a lifelong learning journey who believes that education should be an exuberant endeavor that embraces multiple aspects and avenues of learning. Sally’s educational philosophy reflects Simon Weil’s claim, “The joy of learning is as indispensable in study as breathing is in running, and where it is lacking there are no real students, but only poor caricatures of apprentices who, at the end of their apprenticeship, will not even have a trade.” Sally is deeply aware of the tremendous impact that every teacher has in creating a positive, supportive environment, and always she endeavors to facilitate compelling, compassionate, and creative learning environments where all students can learn and excel.

Sally’s teaching travels have taken a circuitous path past different countries, colleges, careers, and kids, leading her through many extraordinary experiences in her lifelong quest for knowledge and adventures. As part of her learning travels, Sally earned a BA degree in Education from Prescott College, graduated from the University of Northern Colorado with a MA degree in Special Education, and acquired professional New Mexico teaching licenses in K-8 elementary education and preschool-12 special education, with endorsements in TESOL and gifted education. Before accepting employment at TCS, Sally worked as a middle school and high school special education teacher with the Questa Independent School District.

Beyond teaching special education and attending college, Sally’s learning voyages in life encompassed many interests and led her through a diverse collection of unique experiences. Sally worked in an Appalachian middle school facility for delinquent teens, served as an English teacher in China, volunteered as a special education teacher in England, led elephants and cooked on jungle treks in Thailand, operated a home-based pottery business, worked in the Fort Lewis College Library, toiled as a the manager of a medical office, and spent countless hours astride a horse, working for outfitters and dude ranches in the Rockies. Sally also served as the field crew leader on an old growth project in the San Juan mountains, assisted with a black bear study on the Uncompahgre Plateau, participated in a long-term fire ecology study in Yellowstone National Park, specialized as an ecological field assistant for the Medicine Bow National Forest, and edited textbooks and conducted fieldwork for the Ecology Department at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Sally’s years of scientific fieldwork, which included everything from tree ring collection, serotiny inventories, tracking black bears, locating winter dens and anesthetizing bears, aiding in extraction of tissue samples, bioelectrical impedance analysis, and morphological measurements, GPS and soil sampling, bird surveys, and plant inventories, yielded Sally a strong, hands-on life foundation in the sciences and provided her useful lessons in planning, logistics, consistency, and overall endurance.

Sally is married to the multi-talented Rich Greywolf and has two treasured sons, who have taught Sally how to be more resourceful, creative, and flexible, laugh more, and somehow manage to survive and try to orchestrate music out of life’s lunacies.

Email Sally or call her at 575-751-7222 X1006 or 575-776-2187.

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