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New Spanish Teacher!

Taos Charter School welcomes our new Spanish teacher, Andrea Nicholson.  A parent of two students at Taos Charter, Andrea has been an active member of the school community.  We are all very happy to see her become a part of the Taos Charter School faculty.  Please add your welcome to ours the next time you […]

Congratulations 2012 Science Fair Winners!

First Place:            Lucia Constanza & Olivia Jordy     Retardant Soil Second Place:      Aidan Cserhart                                      Parabolic Reflectors Third Place:         Natalie Rios           […]

Congratulations to Science Fair Winners


1/30-2/3 Spelling Words

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February Menu

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Science Research Project

Mr. Greywolf is working with the third grade class on a special Science project about the planets.  Please read the parent letter that was sent home explaining this project, or read it here.  Other important forms include: Planetary travel brochure Planet graphic organizer   Please contact Ms. Baker or Mr. Greywolf with any questions.  Thanks! […]

Week of January 30, 2012

This week we will be working on our Science research projects on planets in class and at home if needed.  Students have all the paperwork for this project, due February 22nd.  Please see the post on Science Project for extra sheets and information. Please continue to read 20-30 minutes per day this week, kids!  I […]

Homework Tracking Sheet for January 30 – February 10, 2012

Homework sheet Jan 30 – February 10 2012

Shared Commitments to Taos Charter

  Every year we ask all of our families to share equally in making a commitment to our school in terms of a monetary donation or a donation of volunteer time. At the beginning of the year, the school  requested that each family donate either $100.00 per student or 20 hours of volunteer time per student. […]

Homework Tracking Sheet January 23 – 27

Homework sheet Jan 23 – 27 Homework sheet Jan 23 – 27