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11/28 Spelling Words

Spelling Words lunch   catch   shape   then    wish   each   chop   bath   show   such Challenge Words shadow   matchbox   bathtub   sandwich   starfish HFW bought   draw  especially   minute   picture   question   sure   worry Robust filthy   fellow   executive   beautifying   renowned   kin   original   adorn    

Easy Ways to Contribute to Taos Charter School

Taos Charter School participates in the following fundraisers: Smith’s Earn and Learn   (enroll your rewards card at Smiths for Taos Charter School). Box Tops for Education (purchase products with these boxtops, cut them out and bring them to office or classroom). Greenschool Project (bring used cell phones and inkjet/toner cartridges to the office). Your […]

Week of November 28, 2011

I hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving break.   Thanks to Maria Meadowcroft for volunteering to be our Reading Ranger this Tuesday. Also, thanks to Mia Faulquier for her weekly help with our library check-out time.  It is an immense help to us to have a parent check books in and out.  Thanks, Mia! […]

Next GPS On-Campus Field Trip

Wednesday, December 7, students will once again relate “book learning” on topography and mapping to an engaging hands-on experience. Suzie Fiori and Mackie Franklin of the Field Institute of Taos will guide small groups on a treasure hunt using hand-held GPS units. The fun starts at 12:30. We could really use a parent or two […]

Blackout Update

Dr. McAdam has asked me to notify parents via email or phone of any blackouts. If you are NOT receiving calls or emails, your child is getting his/her work turned in on time! If you are, this additional notification, beyond the classroom tracking on our assignment blackout sheet, helps you to know what’s not happening […]

Stay Green Update

We are now tracking all “flips” on our Stay Green board, including warning flips to yellow. If you wish to see how your student is doing, please stop by the classroom to check. This increased tracking provides a history and factual tracking of any behavior issues.

Homework Tracking Sheet for November 28 – December 5

Homework sheet Nov 28 – Dec 5 2011

Week of November 14, 2011

    This week we will be studying folktales and legends and the difference between the two.  In math class, we will work though Unit 4 (Multiplication and Division), even as we practice our addition and subtraction flash cards at home in order to master the five minute facts test!  Don’t forget to practice these […]

Homework Sheet for November 14 – 28

Homework sheet Nov 14 – 28 2011

Homework for November 7 – 14

Homework sheet Nov 7 – 14 2011 docx