Social Emotional Learning Update

The students in grades K – 4 have been learning about feelings.  They have been building their feeling words vocabulary, understanding that all feelings are OK and that feelings can be comfortable or uncomfortable as well  as feelings can be private.  Grades 1 – 4 have also been learning “control signals;”   a three step process to help to get control over strong emotions.  The first step is to stop -take a deep breath, say the problem and how you feel. The second step is to make a plan. The third step is to go – try your best idea.  The students are engaged and eager to participate in the PATHS activities.

In PACA (Project Adventure Classroom Activities) students spent several weeks  understanding and committing to the PACA Full Value Contract.  Made up of  6 behavioral norms,  the components of the Full Value Contract   support all of the PACA learning goals.  They are: be here, be safe, commit to goals, be honest, let go and move on, and care for self and others. Recently the classes have been engaged in team initiatives requiring problem solving, coping with frustration, and cooperation. The students are lots of fun to watch as they work intensely together to master a task.

After Fall Break the teachers in grades 2,3 and 4 took over the PATHS  instruction.  I am continuing to teach PATHS in Kindergarten and 1st grade as well as the PACA curriculum to grade 5 – 8.