Medication at School

We are still waiting for a number of immunization reports on new students.
Please remember that if you do NOT immunize your child(ren) you must provide an Exempt Form that is notarized. We have these forms at the school. We will be setting a time limit for receiving these forms after which your child can be suspended if the reports are not in.
Your child may not bring ANY medicine of ANY kind to school without the knowledge of the teacher and the RN ,and which is not (if prescribed by the doctor) in the original, or exact duplicate,  of the original prescription. For prescription medicine, we must also have a statement from the physician that your child is allowed to take it, with the appropriate dosing information. We have these forms at the school, but the doctor also has them in his office.
If you want your child to take over-the-counter (OTC) medications at school, they must also be labeled in a fashion similar to a prescription (date, child’s name, medication name, dose, time to be taken, number in package/bottle, expiration date, etc..
A simpler method is for the parent to send a note to the school saying that “when my child has “X” condition, s/he may take “X” medication from the school supply. We keep Tylenol, Benadryl, Tums, Advil, Caladryl, calomine lotion on hand. We can keep medication and give it to your child if you prefer to bring to the school as long as it follows the above guidelines