Erin Pirozak

Erin grew up in Southeastern Ohio.  She received her BS in Special Ed. and Elementary Ed. from Ohio University in 1981.  After graduation she was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Ecuador where she worked in rural communities helping to develop special education programs in their schools.  She moved to New Mexico in 1984 to teach on the Ramah Navajo Reservation in Pine Hill.  In 1986 she moved to Taos to teach at the Children’s Residential Treatment Center where she was dedicated for 14 years.  In 1992 Erin took a sabbatical.  She returned to Ohio University for graduate school, where in 1993 she received her Masters in Special Education.  In the year 2000, Erin became one of the founding teachers of the Taos Charter School and established the school’s special education program.  In 2006 Erin completed her certification as an Academic Language Therapist, specializing in teaching reading to students with dyslexia.  She is one of the Enrichment teachers at TCS, serving children K-5.  She teaches reading and written language skills in a small group setting.  She also coordinates the Special Education Program at the school.  In addition to teaching, she enjoys traveling, gardening, music, dancing, swimming and boating with family and friends.  Erin lives in El Prado with her artist/builder husband Cork, son Che’, and two cats, Quita and Scooter.

Email Ms. Erin or call her at 575-751-7222 X1020.